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Click here to read the April 2021 press release about the update to our 2019 study, The Gender Gap in Nonprofit Boardrooms.

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Click here to read the press release announcing a ground-breaking national study entitled: “Increasing Gender Diversity on the Boards of Nonprofit Eds And Meds: Why and How to Do It.”  

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Why Achieving Diversity on the Boards of Nonprofit Eds and Meds and Private Companies Matters

When:      Tuesday, May 18, 2021
                  5:30 p.m.

Where:      Zoom
                  United States

Contact:    The Forum of Executive Women

The need for increasing gender, racial, and other diversity on governance boards is being widely discussed in the business world and the nonprofit world. Seldom do these discussions focus on the lack of diversity on the boards of largest and most powerful nonprofits — educational and medical institutions, the so-called Eds and Meds, or private companies.


This panel discussion will highlight the challenges to achieving diversity on Eds and Meds and private company boards. It will also discuss what differentiates these boards from public company boards, why diversity on these boards is as important, and what steps can be taken by these boards to increase diversity. How potential board members are identified and the role of recruitment firms in placing board directors will also be discussed. The panelists have considerable knowledge of these and public company boards: three as board members and one as a researcher/activist, and will share their collective personal experiences and perspectives.

Click Here to watch our October 2020 presentation to the American Association of University Women (AAUW) of California.

Our WNLI members Vicki Kramer and Carolyn Adams discuss the gender gap - particularly for women of color - on the governing boards of higher education and healthcare institutions. They explore the story behind the latest data collected as part of our national study, discuss why we should care, and consider what we can do to effect change.